Total Concept Physiotherapy – Open Now

Total Concept Physiotherapy – Open Now and here to assist you with your Physiotherapy needs. We provide premium quality solutions to support you in taking care of sporting injuries, spinal disorders, arthritics conditions, chronic pain and disease, aged care and Women’s Health and Continence conditions.

Women’s Health & Continence

We can help| you manage incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain conditions, sexual dysfunction, and bowel or bladder dysfunction, in both women and men.

Sports Injuries & Spinal Pain

Total Concept Physiotherapy assists to identify and handle your sporting injuries, back or neck pain, and other concerns with joints and muscles. We will develop a program to return you to complete function once again.

Aged Care

If you are feeling off balance, frightened of dropping, or finding that doing everyday activities are not as simple as they used to be, Physiotherapy can assist with equipment prescription, strength and balance program and home strategies.

Chronic Disease & Pain

We could assist you to recognise your condition much better and work with you to develop programs and strategies to handle your symptoms, as well as enhance your involvement in daily tasks.

Total Concept Physiotherapy – Open now at 11 Peelwood Parade, Halls Head. Contact us on 9555 9854.