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Women’s Health & Continence

Women’s Health – We can help in the assessment and management of a variety of pelvic conditions. These include bladder and bowel dysfunction, incontinence, sexual pain and dysfunction, management of pelvic organ prolapse, strengthening of pelvic floor muscles and abdominal muscle separation, and recovery after surgeries such as hysterectomy and prostatectomy.

We are able to use a variety of assessment and treatment modalities, including the use of real-time ultrasound, to provide you with accurate information about your condition and assist in retraining and pain management. Services Total Concept Physio

Services Total Concept Physio - Women's Health

Aged Care

We can help older patients to improve their balance and prevent falls, prescribe appropriate assistive equipment and develop exercise programs to maximise independent function.

Our goal is to keep you safe and on your feet in your home and in your community, and offer strategies to help manage this.

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Services Total Concept Physio - Aged Care

Sports Injuries & Spinal Pain

We are able to provide thorough assessment to develop diagnoses and treatment plans for sports injuries, spinal disorders (including neck and back pain) and other joint and muscles issues. This includes; Rehabilitation post orthopaedic surgery, ligament injuries, tendon injuries, back pain, neck pain, peripheral joint pain (shoulder, elbow, knee, hip, ankle), arthritic conditions and nerve injuries. Your Physiotherapist will develop an individualised treatment plan, which may include manual ‘hands-on’ therapy and exercise based therapy, and this will be progressed until you have reached your recovery goals! Services Total Concept Physio
Services Total Concept Physiotherapy - Sports Injuries

Chronic Disease

We are able to help you in management of a variety of chronic diseases. These include cardiac and respiratory disease, pain disorders, arthritis, osteoporosis and diabetes. Our Physiotherapists can provide education, develop exercise programs and provide strategies to help you develop independence in managing your condition and optimising your function. We will work closely with your GP and other health professionals to provide an integrated approach and maximise your outcomes.
Services Total Concept Physiotherapy - Chronic Disease

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